Bitcard APIs

The Bitcard server supports two APIs, the TypeKey API and our own Bitcard API.

You can setup your site URLs and get token in the developers section of your Bitcard account.

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Bitcard API

The Bitcard API is very similar to the TypeKey API but with a few extensions.

The most notable similarities are that it's using the same "protocol" for interaction with the server and the same signature method.

You get more control over what information the Bitcard server should ask the user to allow to pass to you (read that again!) and better anonymous user ids (anonymous until you ask the server and the user allows to have a username or email address passed to you.

The Bitcard protocol is also prefixing all query parameters with bc_ to make it easier to mix in with applications using query parameters.

We don't have a reference document on the Bitcard API up yet, but there is a perl module, Authen::Bitcard you can use and study.

Download the module or read the documentation (on CPAN Search).

TypeKey API

See the TypeKey API documentation for SixAparts reference on the TypeKey API. We support version 1.1 of the protocol.

The key_url for this Bitcard server is and the login URL is So for example if your site token is 12345 and your return url is the login url would be: &_return=

The TypeKey interface has been tested with the Authen::TypeKey perl module.

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